Take part

Taking part in the most prestigious event of the year is an extraordinary opportunity to share Slovenia's know-how and expand business to new markets. For six months, Slovenia's pavilion will be the place to meet, network and create new partnerships, which will definitely change the future of Slovenia's economy and strengthen the visibility of the country in the international environment. Businesses and individuals will be able to host events, meetings and presentations at the pavilion. The bustle of visitors from across the world and great interest in Slovenia will create a positive environment where every day will be a new opportunity to expand your business and personal networks.

Business opportunities

New markets, new opportunities
Expo 2020 is the first world exposition organised by a country from the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region and a gateway to the fastest growing markets in the world. Participation brings the opportunity to present the country effectively in an environment that is demanding but also very open to new, breakthrough ideas. We will provide Slovenian companies, institutions and individuals with all the support they need in terms of organisation and content for their events, and arrange direct contact with representatives of other countries taking part in the Expo.
Business packages
Due to the changed circumstances, we are adapting business packages for the rental of presentation space and organisation of events in Slovenia's pavilion. The details will be available soon.
Business events
To support Slovenian companies in their efforts to expand to new markets, especially in the countries of the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia (MEASA), we will make it possible for them to host business meetings in the Slovenian pavilion. Booking space and services such as catering, etc. will be simple and quick.
International VIP events
As part of the main presentations in Slovenia's pavilion we will organise a number of events at the top international level, inviting Slovenian businesses, institutions and individuals who have excelled with their know-how in various fields. We will help them reach their new goals.
Supporting your plans
Those using Slovenia's pavilion will also get advice on logistics and organisation so as to plan and carry out their presentation at the Expo 2020 as effectively as possible
Join us
We recommend that Slovenian companies take part in open calls related to the preparations for the country 's participation at the Expo 2020 if they want to participate in Slovenia's presentation at the most prestigious event of the year. Follow the web site of the public agency SPIRIT Slovenia.

Slovenia's pavilion - the place for meetings

Ground floor

2nd floor

All rooms in the pavilion will feature state-of-the-art multimedia equipment. For all events, the pavilion staff will provide logistical and organisational support and organisers will also be able to take advantage of the supreme gastronomy on offer as the pavilion will be hosting Slovenia's best chefs, bringing mouth-watering Slovenian cuisine to Dubai.

International cooperation

Slovenia will continue building its reputation as a reliable partner to a number of global companies and countries by organising and taking part in events with strong international participation. The events will provide a number of opportunities to strengthen international cooperation and provide a space for ideas showcasing Slovenia as an innovative, sustainable and high-tech business environment.

Calendar of events

Slovenia's presentation will be divided into themed segments, allowing a comprehensive presentation of the country's potential in different fields and drawing the visitors' attention to stories that showcase Slovenian know-how, progressiveness and innovativeness.

The events will be coordinated with other events at the Expo and will complement stories featured in other countries' pavilions.